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The Tree Inside (2015)

CANADA, 90 minutes

Directors: Michelle Kim and Rob Leickner
Producers: Michelle Kim and Rob Leickner
Writer: Michelle Kim

The Tree Inside is a dramatic feature film about a woman who can’t keep a relationship longer than a couple of months. When she meets the man of her dreams, she must find a way to overcome her seasonal impulse to change.

Shot over 12 months in Vancouver, the city’s exquisite seasonal landscape subtly mirrors the emotional life of the protagonist.  The film stars Michelle Kim, Casey Manderson (When Life Was Good, The Red Rooster), Diana Bang (The Interview, Bates Motel, Lost Lagoon) and famed Canadian author Michael Turner (Hard Core Logo, The Pornographer’s Poem). With a soundtrack highlighting music from Canada, the US, Iceland and Belgium, the film also includes a wondrous dance performance by Barbara Bourget of Kokoro Dance.

Happy Garden (2018)

Director: Michelle Kim
Writer: Michelle Kim

Producers: Michelle Kim (Canada

Details coming soon…



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