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Diana Bang in The Interview

November 25, 2014

I am very excited for and proud of my The Tree Inside¬†actor, co-star, and dear friend, Diana Bang, who is profiled in December’s issue of Vanity Fair.

Diana Bang in December’s issue of Vanity Fair.

This Christmas, Paramount Pictures will be releasing The Interview, directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, starring Rogen, James Franco, and, yup….DIANA BANG!!! She plays the Director of Communications for the North Korean regime and (by the looks of this featurette about Diana), Rogen’s love interest.

I remember when we first learned about Diana being in The Interview. Rob and I had just finished shooting the theatre scene for The Tree Inside at the Blake Snyder Theatre and we getting ready to pick Diana up to head to Whistler to shoot the final scenes of the film. It’s was around 10pm when Diana called to say that the project was really improvy and that they had no idea when she’d be done. I remember Rob and I thinking, Who are these amateurs? Anyway, she gave us the directions to set and we drove out to Burnaby to wait for her.

A still of Diana and myself in THE TREE INSIDE

As we approached set and saw massive trailers and and the sign, THE INTERVIEW, we thought, Oh, wow, she got a day on the The Interview, awesome. A PA approached us saying it was a closed set and that we would have to leave, but when we said we were there to pick up our friend Diana Bang, he said, Oh Diana! and made a bug fuss, radioing people to make sure she knew we were there. That’s when we realized something was up.

Diana, Rob, myself, and Valerie on set of THE TREE INSIDE in Whistler.

Diana Bang is the most humble person on the planet and it’s so typically her not to brag about her accomplishments, even to her close friends. In fact about a month ago, I knew she’d gone to New York City to see shows and stuff and it was only when we were getting ready to go out one night and talking about eyebrows, that she mentioned in passing, she recently had them done for a shoot for Vanity Fair. Hilarious.

Rob and I are so thrilled to see someone who we’ve believed in for so long (so much so that she’s a lead in two of our features: Lost Lagoon and The Tree Inside) making it big in Hollywood. Nobody deserves it more.

As for our film, The Tree Inside, we just finished post production and are submitting it film festivals now. I can’t want to share this film!

Diana, myself, and Valerie getting into trouble at some Whistler Film Festival party.

Here is the trailer to Lost Lagoon (2011) starring Diana Bang, directed by Rob Leickner.

The Interview trailer:

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